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Wonche Bi – CD – Obo Addy


Wonche Bi – CD – Obo Addy

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Obo Addy’s musical background is a combination of the rigorous standards of ritual music he learned from his father, a Wonche Priest, with the flashy international pop music he performed as a young professional with bands in Accra, Ghana. Himself a versatile magician of the drums, Obo Addy embodies the past, present and future of Ghana’s musical culture. As a master in the traditional music and dance of the many cultures in Ghana, it is no accident that Obo Addy is a musical bridge between old and new, between Ghanian and foreign.

Tracks: (1) Obaaye Onye, (2) Alagao, (3) Don’t Go, (4) Kanuwaa, (5) Montswe, (6) Alode, (7) Play The Drum For Me, (8) Gidi Gidi Betse, (9) Kaaye Oye, (10) Drumming Peace Into The Twenty-First Century

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