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UDU: Clay Pot Drums and How to Play Them – DVD – Barry Hall


UDU: Clay Pot Drums and How to Play Them – DVD – Barry Hall

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In this video, Barry Hall presents a thorough overview of clay pot (“udu”) drums and how to play them. A variety of playing strokes, from basic to advanced, are explained and demonstrated in detail. An udu builder as well as player, Barry also briefly explains the process of building ceramic drums and demonstrates a number of common and unusual udu-family instruments from his collection.

Extending the basic strokes, percussionist Matthew Schertz shows how to apply Afro-Cuban, South Indian and Middle Eastern drumming techniques and rhythms to the udu. To round out the presentation, members of the Burnt Earth Ensemble perform several musical selections that show how udus can be musically combined with each other and with other instruments. See below for detailed contents.

This 95 minute video is packed with useful and inspiring information and performances. A valuable resource for those new to clay pot drums, it also presents a number of unusual techniques and tricks for more seasoned players. 95 Minutes.

The contents of the Udu DVD:

  • Introduction to the udu
  • Udu construction
  • Basic playing strokes
  • Advanced shell tones and air tones
  • Playing with implements
  • Variations on udu design
  • Afro-Cuban and South Indian techniques
  • Performances (four musical selections featuring udus played with other instruments)
  • Connecting with other builders and players
  • Finding your own style and space

Featured performers include: Barry Hall – udus and stone fiddle Matthew Schertz – double udu Richard Smith – udus Beth Hall – clay flute.

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