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Traditional Djembe Music – CD – Mady Keita


Traditional Djembe Music – CD – Mady Keita

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Mady Keita’s first cd takes the listener to the often overlooked roots of the djembe. By exclusively playing traditional solo throughout the recording, Mady demonstrates his vast knowledge of the dance, song and feel evoked with each rhythm. Against the rising tide of modernization and commercialism, Mady has maintained his low-tuned drum and the music of his ancestors. With the grace of a master in his element, Mady exercises his inherited knowledge to play tricks on the senses of the listener. Also featured on this album is the dynamic playing of Lamine Tounkara on Jeli dun-dun, a rarely recorded bass drum and bell.

This album is a “must-have” for any student of the djembe as well as anyone who loves African drumming.

Tracks: (1) Sunu, (2) Sigi, (3) Sogonikou, (4) Mendianni, (5) Sandiya, (6) Tonsole, (7) N’Gri,  (8) Chakorobani

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