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The Healing Drum – CD – Yaya Diallo


The Healing Drum – CD – Yaya Diallo

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Authentic recordings of the traditional and ceremonial music of the people of West Africa are rare. On this compact disc you will hear music played during community celebrations and secret society rituals. It is music that has no single composer or author, but rather has been created out of the collective expression of the Minianka, Bambara, Dogon, and Senufo people and theeir neighbors. As their ceremonies and customs die – and they are dying – so will the music. This recording, which features internationally acclaimed drummer and native son Yaya Diallo, helps keep alive the heart and soul of West African life.

Tracks: (1) Dji-Dnou, (2) Nampou, (3) Don, (4) Niere Yago, (5) Berete, (6) Were, (7) Nia Yati, (8) Warizie, (9) Niewoh Yati, (10) Kewara Yati, (11) Maniah Yati, (12) N’Togo

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