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Skin It…Tune It…Play It – DVD – Paulo Mattioli


Skin It…Tune It…Play It – DVD – Paulo Mattioli

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Skin It…Tune It…Play It, a DVD by Paulo Mattioli. In this DVD, world-renowned drummer, drum maker and teacher Paulo Mattioli offers a complete, hands-on guide to re-heading and tuning hand drums, including djembes, ashikos, congas, or any hand drum. Mattioli will guide you step by step through the entire process of mounting and tensioning a natural drum head. Learn his secret techniques to this art that only come from years of drum making experience. Whether you are a beginner or advanced, building your own drum, replacing a worn out skin, or just want to know the entire tuning process, this DVD is for you. Says Mattioli, There is nothing like the tremendous satisfaction that comes from giving your personal drum its voice! Working on and tuning your own drum will enhance your personal connection with your drum as well as your ability to express yourself on it. It is an empowering process that is an essential part of the whole hand drumming experience.

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