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Sila Laka – CD – Mamady Keita


Sila Laka – CD – Mamady Keita

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This album features a return to Mamady’s roots, with arrangements that move away from the fast-paced, highly choreographed ballet-style drumming he has become known for, and towards a simpler, “village-style” recording that is filled with a beautiful combination of traditional dunun (bass drum) arrangements, masterful djembe solo work, some gorgeous singing, balafon and more. To us, Mamady is at his best here, laying down some sweet solos over a rock-solid groove that shows the strengths of the musicians he chose for the project.

We highly recommend this album for anyone interested in the traditional music of West Africa, either as a starting point or for those already familiar with Malinké drumming.

Tracks: (1) Kassa, (2) Djabara, (3) Fankani, (4) Kuku, (5) Komodenu, (6) Djole, (7) Soli, (8) Soboninkun, (9) Bandondjeli, (10) Djagbe, (11)Abondan, (12) Tiriba: Djoliba

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