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Rhythm & Beauty, The Art of Percussion – Book – Rocky Maffit


Rhythm & Beauty, The Art of Percussion – Book – Rocky Maffit

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Author Rocky Maffit uses his vision and enthusiasm to create an eclectic sampler of more than fifty different percussion instruments. His text and accompanying recording offer an intriguing introduction to the sounds, shapes, and musical range of these varied instruments, with the book’s evocative and telling photographs bringing them to life. Maffit’s amiable writing style brings together history, culture, and his vivid insight — drawing out the difference and similarities that make up this found and forged world of sound, noise, rhythm, and beauty that is the expression of human life.
The CD features over 40 minutes of both traditional and original compositions that were chosen and recorded expressly for this project, and are meant to showcase many of the instruments discussed in the book.
Rocky Maffit is a percussionist, composer, and educator who has studied with master drummers from Ghana, Nigeria, and Brazil. His efforts as a songwriter have garnered gold and platinum records in the United States and Europe. Some of his most acclaimed work has been in schools, where Maffit regularly presents “A World of Music,” bringing his knowledge and love of these instruments alive. (c)1999, 136 pages. Book & CD.

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