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Old African Chokwe Mask


African Chokwe Mask

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Chokwe masks are used in Angola during initiation ceremonies and other important occasions to bring fertility and prosperity to the village. The Chokwe people are vigorous and courageous hunters and agriculturists. Their dynamic spirit is reflected in their art. Most of their masks share the depiction of facial scarification patterns, filed teeth, fanciful and inventive hair styles, and cruciform markings on the forehead. The masks are known for their high level of craftsmanship and aesthetic values. The Chokwe mask is know as chikunga. Highly charged with power and considered sacred, chikunga is used during investiture ceremonies of a chief and sacrifices to the ancestors.  The Chikunga is only worn by the current chief. This mask is a beautiful old piece dating back to 1930’s. Large, helmet style with patina resting on top. On the underside of this mask, there is a natural crack in the knot section, but it is not visible from the front. We do NOT make any attempts to repair these masks, we leave them in their original and aged condition.

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16″ Tall x 10″ Wide

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