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Morowaya – CD – Bolokada Conde


Morowaya – CD – Bolokada Conde

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Turn up the volume and invite yourself to a joyful village festival in rural Guinee. Backed by master kora and balaphone players and a stellar percussion ensemble, Bolokade Conde, Superman of the djembe, unleashes dynamic, soul-stirring solos in these ten spirited compositions. The inclusion on a djembe recording of a choir of teenage girls (who also shake calabashes) is a rare treat. Recorded live, this music is vital roots.
Bolokada Conde played djembe before he could walk. Born in Kissidougou, Guinée, he was called to Conakry by Les Percussions de Guinée as a Premiere Soloist. Bolokada is renowned in his region and in Conakry as a master folklorist, and was honored by a gift of land by the Mayor of Kissidougou. For years he toured the US and internationally with Les Percussions de Guinée and gained a worldwide reputation as one of the most exciting and dynamic djembe players alive. He has released two CDs, and is featured on the IMAX movie “Pulse: a STOMP Odyssey”. Bolokada is currently the Musical Director and Premiere Soloist for Les Percussions Malinke.

Tracks: (1) Soko Laban, (2) Den Don, (3) Soboninkun, (4) Somaa Sanki, (5) Yamanandia, (6) Wayasi, (7) Diananko, (8) Mendiani, (9) Mamadi Butiki, (10) Bala Kan

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