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Mandiani Drum and Dance – Book & DVD – Mamadou Sibede and Ousmane Ba


Mandiani Drum and Dance – Book & DVD – Mamadou Sibede and Ousmane Ba

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The Mandiani tradition of music and dance originated in West Africa and is characterized by an infectious athletic vitality. Mandiani Drum and Dance is a major study of African and African-American musical aesthetics by an African-American scholar who completed over seven years of field work in the United States and Senegal. Included are discussions of Mandiani Drum and Dance in West Africa and its acculturation in America, dance, instruments, rhythms, the learning process, and groundbreaking coverage of musical psychology and aesthetics.

The CD includes the djimbe (djembe) drum which brings to drumming communities around the world a variety of timbre, frequency responses and rhythms that is unequalled. This recording includes Mandiani, Doundoumba, Domba and other performances by traditional artists from Senegal in some of the most inspired djimbe drumming ever recorded. Features Mamadou Sidebe, Ousmane Ba and others.

Great combination package geared to educate and instruct in the art of African drumming and dance.

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