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Live – CD – Adama Drame


Live – CD – Adama Drame

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This live album is a totally new experience!

The opportunity came in spring 2002. Being his first live recording before an audience, it was a challenge from a technical point of view, because of the need for freedom of movement on stage, and also a challenge from an artistic point of view, because there are no second chances. Furthermore, audience support was to vital the recording’s success.

Through the energy and spontaneity of the event and the interaction with the audience, the compositions – some well known, some not – took on a new meaning…and traditional music took a step towards modernity. Adama Dramé was born into a family of musicians and storytellers, guardians of the griot tradition. He is a virtuoso exponent of the Malinké drum known as the djembé. A professional musician since the age of twelve, Dramé proclaims his African identity and faithfulness to African tradition through his music, his rhythms, his compositions and his improvisations.

“The djembe is a large, goblet-shaped, single-headed hand drum from the West African nation of Guinea. Under the hands of a gifted player, the djembe covers a wide sonic range, from high pitched cracks and barely audible wisps to warm, low thumping bass tones and everything in between. Under the hands of distinguished djembe master and sixth-generation Dyeli griot Adama Dramé, these sounds are articulated through an incredibly sophisticated rhythmic vocabulary…Dramé demonstrates his expertise and dexterity on…a powerful set of tracks that underscores his mastery of the instrument and his three decades of dedication to the art form.” – All Music Guide


Track Listing: (1) A Bissimilah, (2) Donwilila Djembékan, (3) Solo Papa Madan, (4) Kourouni Donsso, (5)  Dramé Lambé, (6) Yérélon, (7) Tonsséré, (8) Gouégoué, (9) Mandéla Nichté, (10) Niagami

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