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Hands On Drumming 1 – DVD – Paulo Mattioli


Hands On Drumming 1 – DVD – Paulo Mattioli

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With this series of videos, anyone can learn to play hand drums without learning to read music. First, you simply watch the rhythm being played with the Players Eye View Camera, (no transposing left hand for right!) then sing along with the rhythm as it appears on the screen just like words of a song. Finally you play along as each part is demonstrated slowly and clearly on the drum.

Session 1 contains: A level 1 study guide. Keys to developing rhythm and essential drumming skills. 19 rhythm patterns with signals and two rhythm arrangements of Yankadi and Macrou. West African Drum rhythms, their geographical, ethnic, and cultural origins and applications. The hand strokes, tones and drum language. How to take care of your hands. Right Hand-Left Hand coordination builders. Drum Signals, the key to opening and closing the rhythms. An illustration of the relationship between drumming and dance. For beginning through advanced players.

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