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Drums And Djembes Of Burkina Faso – DVD


Drums And Djembes Of Burkina Faso – DVD

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Drums And Djembes Of Burkina Faso DVD. Contents: 26 Chapters • Photo gallery • Multi-lingual (French, English, German)

Deep in the bush of Burkina Faso, the drum is a sacred instrument, surrounded by taboos and mystery. It takes on endless shapes and performs many functions: taking the place of the human voice, carrying news, conferring praise and speaking to the world beyond…when it isn’t simply providing the rhythms for a dance.

But, the world is changing. Today, a younger generation looking for adventure and recognition is bringing the drum out of its “secret universe,” turning it away from its ancient functions and re-shaping both the drum itself and the manner in which it is played!

“The djembe is an hourglass-shaped drum used throughout much of sub-saharan Africa. Although other instruments are present on a few tracks, the focus here is squarely on the djembe. This is in documentary format. The rich and varied rhythms represented would benefit any student of percussion!”

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