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Drum Damba – CD – Abubakari Lunna


Drum Damba – CD – Abubakari Lunna

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The Dagbamba people of northern Ghana live in the fertile grasslands that stretch from the West African tropical forest to the arid Sahel region bordering the Sahara. Their music for the hourglass-shaped “talking drum” is among Africa’s most brilliant and sophisticated. Adjusting the tension of the drum heads to mimic spoken language, Dagbamba drummers keep alive the stories of their ancestors and coax amazing sounds from their drums. Drum Damba offers one of the greatest percussive listening experiences ever! This recording features the first clearly recorded small ensemble playing ever recorded, plus village performances in context. “A superb recording! Extraordinary and exuberant drumming.” — Dr. Paul Berliner, professor at Northwestern University and author of The Soul of Mbira.

Tracks: (1) Zim Taai Kulga, (2) Nagbiegu, (3) Naani Goo, (4) Kul Noli, (5) Nokohiwaa, (6) Dikala, (7) Dogu, (8) Kul Noli, (9) Damba, (10) Zim Taai Kulga, (11) Damba, (12) Nyrinyoo-Ian Mali O Limli, (13) Damba So Chandi

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