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Drum Along Drum Circle – DVD – Various Artists


Drum Along Drum Circle – DVD – Various Artists

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The four lead drummers play separate parts of the group rhythms. Their entrances into the drum circle are staggered so that you have time to look and listen to each of the parts. Choose a part, get into the groove, and drum-along!

Rhythms include:
1. Doudoumba – an upbeat African rhythm
2. Fanga – a mid-tempo African rhythm
3. Rhumba – a Clave oriented Cuban rhythm
4. Kakilambe – an upbeat African rhythm
5. Heartbeat – a soothing, multi-cultural rhythm
6. Shiko – a modern fusion of African and Cuban rhythms

Rhythms are played in their entirety, averaging ten minutes each. Video features 360-degree, “full-circle” vision and sound. Each rhythm has on-screen, easy-to-read “box” notation.

For all skill levels playing Djembe, Ashiko, Djun Djun, Congas, Bongos, Doumbek, Frame Drums, Tamborines, Bells, Woodblocks, and more…

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