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Djembe Vol. 3 – CD


Djembe Vol. 3 – CD

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The djembe, the king instrument in African percussion, has inevitably become the symbol of universal rhythm. This third compilation therefore opens up to other drums, other rhythms and other cultures…  featuring PERCUSSIONS DE GUINÉE, YELEMBA D’ABIDJAN, WOFA!, MOHAMED BANGOURA, YÉ LASSINA COULIBALY ET YAN KADI FASO along with TAMBORES DEL CANDOMBÉ, CAPOEIRA SENZALA DE SANTOS, MADJID KHALADJ, PABLO CUECO, LAZAR-KOKELAERE.

Tracks: (1) Adamouna, (2) Toques Repicados, (3) Antala, (4) Et Bien Dansez, (5) Tambour D’Oviole, (6) Imamaye, (7) Tchogolo, (8) Dayre II, (9) Kibaro, (10) Bate Palmas Luana, (11) Boke Gbe

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