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Batik Masks – Awesome Color!


Beautiful Batik Masks

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These Java Batik masks are carved from non endangered softwood. Batik is the art of wax-resist dyeing, traditionally applied to cotton fabric. The Indonesian craft organization, Apikri, was established in 1990 to improve the socio-economic conditions of poor families in the rural and urban areas of central Java through education. With Apikri involved, the art of applying the Batik waxing technique to wood to create exquisitely carved Batiked wooden masks (Topeng)was developed. Tiny dots of wax are hand-applied to the wood masks, which are then dyed, leaving a unique design under the waxy coating. The wax is removed and the process repeated until the mask is transformed into an elaborate, yet subtle design of color and pattern. These Batik masks are symbolic of protection and happy times and are believed to bring peace and happiness to the dwellings where they are display. The masks measure 12″ tall x 9″ wide.  Since these masks are all individually hand made, there will be slight variations among them.

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