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Balafons & African Drums – CD – Burkina Faso


Balafons & African Drums – CD – Burkina Faso

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This group occupies a very special position in the widely renowned cultural heritage of Burkina Faso. Koko draws its inspiration from the subtle mixture of living cultures that are to be found in that part of Africa. The group is led by Madou Kone, who plays the balafon and is also an exceptional singer. The themes of Koko’s songs evoke some of man’s greatest battles, including the fight for survival and protection of the environment, but also creation, celebration and friendship, and attachment to the earth.

Tracks: (1) Koko Lon Ni Lo, (2) Burkina Faso, (3) Sene Ke Law Fo, (4) Yiri, (5) Gnana Gwe, (6) Tlo’N Ti Sebe Sa, (7) Burkina Doundoumba, (8) Fou, (9) Fle’Nkan

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