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African Drums – CD


African Drums – CD

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Africa’s musical culture, based on a very rich rhythmic structure, is dominated by percussion instruments, particularly drums and balafons (gourd-resonated frame xylophones). This compact disc presents a real festival of African percussion instruments, recorded in the field in Cameroon and Senegal.

Tracks: (1) Danses Senegalaises, (2) Danse Du Sultan, (3) Prelude A La Lutte Senegalaise, (4) Danse De Palais, (5) Danse Des Recoltes, (6) Were-Were, (7) Danse Bamoun, (8) Fete A Dakar, (9) Danse De La Grande Case, (10) Danse De Fete, (11) Danse Des Hochets

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