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Rainsticks are a widely recognized folk art item. People find rainsticks sounds are very calming, peaceful, and nurturing. Rainsticks are used for enjoyment and relaxation for people ages 3 to 103. And they are gaining widespread use as a musical instrument as people learn to both hear and feel their rainstick. Because of their uniqueness, many uses, and appeal to people of all ages, backgrounds and professions, rainsticks make the perfect gift. We can only ship these rainsticks within the U.S. - Sorry, no International shipments allowed with our rainsticks.

We carry painted or plain rainsticks in various sizes and styles. We're sure to have the right rainstick for everyone.

And we now carry wonderful kits that the kids can enjoy. They can put a rainstick together
from scratch, or paint their own design on one already put together. For ages 6 and up. Great project for classrooms, Girl Scouts, Boy Scouts, church groups, Boys and Girls Clubs or any gathering to entertain and educate children about rainsticks and Chile. Safety tested - non toxic materials.

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