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We have searched all over the African continent for the best doumbek selection. And listed below are our many choices for the best offerings.

From Turkey we found their famous cast aluminum doumbeks with mylar heads for exceptional crisp sound. Check out the new green swirl colors available in the aluminum doumbeks. Love those new, green, lightweight aluminum doumbek drums!! We've also added the professional large copper darabuka and sounds fantastic.

From Egypt we offer you the lightweight wooden doumbek with inlaid mother of pearl design. The only ceramic one from Egypt is beautifully done with lovely designs.

In Morocco, we found the famous Moroccan doumbeks - beautiful traditional ceramic doumbeks with extra goatskin lacings for tight, perfect tones. Check out the designs Morocco has sent us. The black clay doumbek is very nice as well and has a wonderful sound.

And then we heard so much about Pakistani doumbeks, we had to check them out as well. And, of course we had to have the brass, nickel plated, embossed doumbeks for their ease of tuning, and lightweight feature.

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