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Drumming Accessories

We want to make sure all you drummers have what you need out there. So we started shopping for items we felt would make your drumming life easier, more comfortable and more fun.

We have bags to carry your drums with and bags to protect your drums from hurricanes to airplane travel. Need a bag size not listed here? Just let us know and we can have it made for you.

We also have skins in rounds and whole skins from Nigeria - with hair. We do not offer skins without hair because of the acid wash process used to remove the hair. The skins become too thin from the acid wash. And we believe in the traditional method of skinning your drum and then shaving the skin.

We have the best quality non-stretch cord available along with tuning tools, shea butter for your hands, carrying handles, shoulder straps, strap systems and a drum mounting system. We even have extra mallets available as well as talking drum beaters.

We will be adding skinning and tuning videos as well. So check this page often. We are always testing new gizmos.

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