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Baskets are among the oldest things made by man. People who lived thousands of years ago were just as skilled in basket-making as we are today. People in Africa, who do not travel very much, will make a basket from the materials they find growing around them. That is why the indigenous people of Africa make them out of palm leaves.
All our African baskets, trivets and fans display the primitive art of weaving that still exists in Africa, and are handcrafted by talented craftsmen and women in countries including Ghana, Morocco, Nigeria and Kenya. The trade has been handed down from their very ancestors.

The Africans do beautiful work in the decorating of their baskets. Strips of the leaves can be dyed, and a design is created by weaving in the different colors. Sometimes the color is not changed, but the weaving or coiling pattern is changed. Very often, the designs have special meanings for the maker or for his/her whole tribe. There may be certain religious or magical ideas attached to the designs.

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