Promoting the culture, music, and lifestyle of Africa

About Us

Promoting the culture, music, and lifestyle of Africa.

We do our best to provide a variety of items, that represent instruments, home goods, tribal and cultural items, baskets, health and beauty products, etc. We hope you will find our selection desirable, and our service excellent! Enjoy your visit and be sure to return often for our regular updates.

African Treasures Gift Services

Need a gift sent to someone special? We offer direct shipment with a gift card enclosed to that special person. No extra charge. This is available for every product on our website. So, relax, pick out the gift you would like to send and let us take care of the rest. We offer gift certificates as well. We also accept Amazon Gift Cards!!!

African Treasures Mission

To promote the culture, music, and lifestyle of Africa honestly, and with care for the artisans, their families, and their livelihood. Feel free to spend some time traveling through African Treasures. We specifically pick and choose which products we feel will best support the artisans, as well as you, the buyer. We are strong believers in fair trade practices and will continue to do our part to support our artisans in a responsible manner.

If you have any questions or suggestions, please don’t hesitate to contact us. And if you will take a moment to fill out the subscription form, we can keep you informed of upcoming new product lines, specials and events. Wholesale inquires welcome…just email us